Best Disc Golf Brands

best disc golf brands

Disc golf has surged in popularity over the last few years, blending the appeal of traditional golf with the accessibility and casual nature of frisbee. Whether you’re a beginner looking to buy your first set of discs or a seasoned player aiming to upgrade your gear, knowing the top brands in the industry can significantly enhance your game. Here’s a look at some of the best disc golf brands on the market today.

Innova Discs

Innova is widely recognized as one of the leading pioneers in the disc golf industry. Founded in 1983, the brand has an extensive catalog of discs that cater to all levels of players. Innova is renowned for introducing the beveled edge disc that significantly altered how the game is played. Their lineup includes everything from beginner-friendly models like the Leopard and Valkyrie to professional favorites such as the Destroyer and the Firebird. Innova also offers a variety of plastics, ensuring durability and performance in different weather conditions.


Discraft has established itself as a staple in the disc golf community since its inception in 1979. This brand is favored by many top professionals, including the 5-time world champion Paul McBeth. Discraft’s extensive range includes popular models like the Buzzz, known for its versatility and reliability, and the Zone, a go-to approach disc. The brand also sponsors several major disc golf tournaments, contributing to its high profile and popularity among players.

Dynamic Discs

Founded in 2005, Dynamic Discs started as a retailer but has since evolved into one of the most innovative disc golf brands. They are known for their high-quality discs and vibrant designs. Their product lineup includes the Judge, beloved in the putting circles, and the Trespass, a high-speed driver with excellent glide. Dynamic Discs also offers bags, baskets, and other accessories, making it a full-service disc golf brand.

Latitude 64

Hailing from Sweden, Latitude 64 is part of the trilogy brands alongside Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs. They are known for their precision and quality, with a focus on Scandinavian design principles. Latitude 64 produces a wide array of discs that offer great control and accuracy. Some of their standout models include the River, a fairway driver with impressive glide, and the Pure, a straight-flying putter that’s perfect for beginners.

Prodigy Disc

Prodigy Disc, established in 2013, has quickly risen through the ranks to become a well-respected name in the disc golf world. The brand has a reputation for creating innovative and high-performance discs designed by players, for players.

They offer a full line of discs from drivers to putters, and their D-series distance drivers are particularly popular among those looking to add extra yards to their drives.

MVP Disc Sports

MVP Disc Sports is unique for its use of overmold technology, where a different material is used for the disc’s rim compared to the core. This design is intended to provide enhanced stability and durability. Their discs, such as the Ion putter and the Volt driver, are favored for their futuristic looks and consistent flight paths.

    Choosing the right brand can help players find the discs that best suit their style and skill level. Whether you value innovation, durability, or design, there’s a brand that matches your needs. With any of these top disc golf brands, you’re sure to find reliable equipment that will help you enjoy and improve your game.

    Westside Discs

    Westside Discs, another member of the trilogy alongside Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs, is a Finnish company known for its mythologically themed discs and imaginative designs. Westside offers a wide range of discs that cater to all playing styles, from the King, a high-speed driver known for its ability to cover great distances, to the Harp, a highly reliable approach putter. Their discs are praised for their balance between control and performance, making them a popular choice among players who value precision and versatility.

    Axiom Discs

    Axiom Discs, a sister company to MVP Disc Sports, also utilizes the overmold technology that distinguishes MVP discs. Axiom brings a distinctive approach with a focus on vibrant, eye-catching color combinations that stand out on the course. Their discs, such as the Envy putter and the Crave fairway driver, are not only visually appealing but also offer excellent performance and reliable flight characteristics.


    Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Kastaplast is a smaller, boutique disc golf brand known for its high-quality discs with exceptional grip and feel. Although their product range is more limited, the quality of each disc is meticulously crafted.

    Popular discs like the Kaxe Z and the Berg putter have gained a loyal following, particularly among players looking for discs that perform well in adverse weather conditions.

    Legacy Discs

    Legacy Discs, founded by the Rico brothers who are veterans of the sport, prides itself on enhancing the sport through high-quality products and a passion for disc golf. The brand offers a range of discs that are designed to improve and evolve with the player’s skills. Notable discs include the Outlaw, a fast driver with great stability, and the Patriot, a fairway driver known for its accuracy and consistency.

    Gateway Disc Sports

    Gateway Disc Sports is best known for its putters, especially the Wizard, which has a cult following due to its dependable flight and superb grip. Gateway also offers a variety of other disc types, all characterized by their solid performance and reliability. This brand is a favorite among those who prefer a more traditional feel in their discs, with a focus on functionality and durability.

    Daredevil Discs

    Based in Canada, Daredevil Discs is notable for its dedication to producing easy-to-throw discs, making the sport accessible to newcomers. Their discs are designed to be user-friendly, with models like the Mammoth and the Walrus being particularly suitable for beginners. Daredevil also stands out for its commitment to using eco-friendly materials, appealing to environmentally conscious players.

      The diversity among disc golf brands offers players plenty of options to choose from based on their personal preferences and playing style. Whether you prioritize design aesthetics, technological innovation, or traditional craftsmanship, there is a brand out there that aligns with your disc golf needs. Experimenting with different discs from these top brands can not only enhance your game but also add an element of fun as you discover which discs work best for you.