best golf chipper

best golf chipper

Golf chippers are a specialized type of club designed to improve your short game, especially useful for golfers who struggle with their wedges around the green. Chippers have a putter-like design with a loft similar to that of a 7- or 8-iron, providing a smooth and predictable chip onto the green. In this article, we will explore some of the best golf chippers available on the market, helping you to make an informed decision to enhance your game.

Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 4.0 Chipper

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 Chipper is renowned for its exceptional design and ease of use. It features a wide, forgiving sole that glides through the turf with minimal effort. The 42-degree loft and a slightly heavier head help in executing consistent, controlled chips. This chipper is particularly beneficial for high handicappers who are looking for a foolproof way to improve their short game.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is another excellent option for amateurs and casual players. It has a classic blade-style design with a 35-degree loft and is built to feel like an extension of your putter but with the added benefit of loft.

The alignment aid on the top promotes better accuracy, and the affordable price tag makes it a great value for those looking to experiment with a chipper without breaking the bank.

PowerBilt TPS Bump & Run Chipper

The PowerBilt TPS Bump & Run Chipper is perfect for golfers who often find themselves just off the green. It features a low, 32-degree loft for those tight lies and is designed to perform like a 7-iron with the ease of a putter. This model is particularly useful for players in courses with firm, fast greens where a controlled run is necessary.

Intech EZ Roll Chipper

Intech’s EZ Roll Chipper lives up to its name by making chipping considerably easier. This chipper integrates a back-weighted design and a wide sole to reduce chunking and improve roll. The 37-degree loft is optimal for a variety of turf conditions, from tight lies near the green to thicker rough just off the fairway.

Square Strike Wedge

Although not a traditional chipper, the Square Strike Wedge offers similar benefits for those struggling with their chipping game. With a 45-degree loft and an anti-chunk design, this club is more versatile than traditional chippers. It’s designed to be used with a putting motion, promoting a smooth, pendulum swing that minimizes mishits.

Tour Edge Hot Launch Chipper

The Tour Edge Hot Launch series introduces a chipper that combines a super-wide sole with a heavier head weight to stabilize the club during the swing. This design ensures minimal turf interaction and promotes a clean, accurate chip. The slight offset helps to align the hands forward, which is crucial for a solid chip shot.

    Choosing the Right Chipper

    When selecting a golf chipper, consider factors such as the design, loft, and weight of the club. It’s essential to choose a chipper that suits your playing style and the typical course conditions you encounter. Testing different models can help determine which feels most natural and improves your confidence and performance on the green.

    Incorporating a golf chipper into your bag can significantly improve your performance around the greens, especially if chipping is not one of your strengths. By choosing from one of these top chippers, you’re not just adding a club; you’re enhancing your ability to score better and enjoy your golf game to the fullest. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, the right chipper can make a substantial difference in your short game.