list of disc golf companies

list of disc golf companies

Disc golf has gained a steady rise in popularity in recent years, with courses popping up worldwide and more people taking an interest in the sport. With this growing interest, many companies are contributing to the industry’s growth by designing, manufacturing, and distributing discs, baskets, and other essential equipment. This article highlights some of the most notable disc golf companies and their unique contributions to the sport.

Innova Champion Discs

Innova is one of the most well-known and respected disc golf companies in the industry. Founded in 1983, Innova was the first to produce a disc specifically designed for disc golf. The company offers a wide range of discs for different skill levels and play styles, with popular models such as the Roc, Aviar, and Destroyer. Innova also produces baskets and other accessories for courses and players.


Discraft is another leading name in the disc golf industry, known for its innovation and high-quality products. Founded in 1979, the company has developed a range of discs that are favorites among professional and amateur players alike. Notable discs include the Buzzz, Nuke, and Zone. Discraft also sponsors professional players and tournaments, further promoting the sport’s growth.

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs began as an online disc golf store in 2005 but quickly evolved into a full-fledged disc golf company. It manufactures a variety of discs and other equipment, including baskets and bags. Dynamic Discs is known for its innovative designs and collaborative efforts with Latitude 64 and Westside Discs to create the Trilogy brand. Popular discs from Dynamic Discs include the Judge, Trespass, and Escape.

Latitude 64

Latitude 64, based in Sweden, has become a significant player in the disc golf industry. Established in 2005, the company manufactures high-quality discs, baskets, and other equipment. Latitude 64 is known for its advanced plastic blends and creative disc designs. The company is part of the Trilogy partnership with Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs. Popular discs from Latitude 64 include the Saint, River, and Diamond.

Westside Discs

Westside Discs is a Finnish company known for its unique artwork and high-quality discs. Established in 2009, the company produces a variety of discs for different skill levels and styles. Westside Discs is also part of the Trilogy partnership, collaborating with Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64. Popular discs from Westside Discs include the Harp, Warship, and Stag.

MVP Disc Sports

MVP Disc Sports, founded in 2010, has gained a reputation for its unique “gyro” technology, which features a distinct overmolded rim designed to enhance stability and control. MVP offers a variety of discs for all skill levels and has expanded into other disc golf products, such as baskets and accessories. Popular discs from MVP include the Ion, Tesla, and Volt.

Axiom Discs

Axiom Discs is a sister company to MVP Disc Sports, known for its vibrant color combinations and innovative disc designs. Established in 2014, Axiom offers a wide range of discs with the same “gyro” technology as MVP but with a distinct aesthetic. Popular discs from Axiom include the Envy, Proxy, and Insanity.

Prodigy Disc

Prodigy Disc, founded in 2012, focuses on creating high-quality discs and promoting professional players. The company offers a range of discs designed by experienced players, making them popular among competitive disc golfers. Prodigy also produces baskets, bags, and other accessories. Popular discs from Prodigy include the PA-3, F7, and D2.

    These companies represent just a portion of the diverse and dynamic disc golf industry. Each brings unique products and innovations to the sport, contributing to its growth and popularity worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the game, there’s a disc golf company that caters to your needs and preferences.

    Discmania, a Finnish company founded in 2006, has gained recognition for its high-quality discs and commitment to developing the sport. Discmania is known for its innovative disc designs and the ability to connect with players through a diverse lineup catering to various skill levels. The company is heavily involved in sponsoring tournaments and players. Popular Discmania discs include the PD2, MD3, and P2.

    Gateway Disc Sports

    Gateway Disc Sports, established in 1993, is one of the older companies in the disc golf industry. It’s renowned for its putters, particularly the Wizard, and offers a wide variety of discs and other accessories. Gateway is also known for experimenting with different plastic blends, giving players unique choices. Besides discs, the company manufactures baskets and other course equipment, contributing to the growth of disc golf infrastructure.

    Infinite Discs

    Infinite Discs is a relative newcomer to disc manufacturing, having started as a disc golf retailer in 2012. Infinite Discs offers a wide range of products from various manufacturers but also produces its line of discs, focusing on affordability and versatility. Infinite Discs collaborates with different companies to create unique discs, often inspired by customer feedback. Popular Infinite Discs models include the Pharaoh, Sphinx, and Emperor.

    RPM Discs

    RPM Discs, based in New Zealand, adds an international flavor to the disc golf scene. The company has roots dating back to 1982 but entered the disc golf market in 2006. RPM is known for its unique Maori-inspired designs and high-quality discs, offering a wide variety of options for different skill levels. Popular RPM discs include the Kotare, Ruru, and Kea.

    Mint Discs

    Mint Discs is an Austin, Texas-based company that began producing discs in 2015. Known for its meticulous quality control and small-batch production, Mint Discs offers a unique approach to disc manufacturing. The company focuses on creating high-performance discs with innovative technology, attracting players who appreciate craftsmanship. Popular Mint Discs include the Alpha, Bobcat, and Jackalope.


    Hyzerbomb is a company specializing in unique disc designs, often in collaboration with other manufacturers like Millennium and Innova. The company is known for creating discs with a distinct feel and style, catering to players looking for something different. Hyzerbomb discs often feature bold graphics and innovative flight characteristics. Popular Hyzerbomb discs include the Mortar, Tank, and Marksman.


    Kastaplast, a Swedish disc golf company, has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality discs with a focus on sustainability. Founded in 2011, the company is known for its eco-friendly approach to disc manufacturing and commitment to reducing environmental impact. Kastaplast’s discs are popular among players who value both performance and sustainability. Popular Kastaplast discs include the Kaxe, Reko, and Berg.

      These companies, along with the previously mentioned ones, are just a snapshot of the diverse disc golf industry. The rapid growth and innovation in disc golf reflect the sport’s increasing popularity and the commitment of these companies to foster a vibrant community. Each company brings unique characteristics, whether through technology, design, or sustainability, making disc golf an exciting and evolving sport.